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I know I am new here (this being my first post and all) but having been redaing these posts for the 24 hours that I've been waiting for my registration to come through, I don't think anyone would mind my opinion.

When we pulled up the tile and laid new laminate in our kitchen, we used those baby gates to keep Sunny, our older female out of the kitchen. Unfortunatly because of this we couldn't get any great pictures like y'all have. We didn't have to worry about Buckley, our younger male that we adopted, because we had had him less than a year, and he was still very averse to loud noises, like hammering, along with anything that looked like he could be hit with (If I ever find the person who had him before us it won't be pretty... ok done ranting).

But if you want to keep them out, the baby gate is my suggestion, but then I ask the question, if you are true Basset nuts (and yes I am one of you/us), why would you want them out?

As for our two helping, they like to help in the kitchen, which, being as small as it is, can be a problem.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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