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Never leave a choke collar on your dog unless it's attached to a leash and you're holding the leash. A friend had just come home from a dog show, let her basset outside with his choke collar still on, it got caught on a nail, and the dog was strangled to death.
Most dog owners are aware of the dangers presented by training or \"choke\" collars which can be made of chain or nylon. These collars can easily become caught on a fence or other obstacle, resulting in a dog that is marooned or strangled. NEVER leave a training collar on an unsupervised dog.

The lesson in all this: Use a training or \"choke\" collar only for walking your dog on a leash and leave that collar permanently attached to the leash. For identification purposes, use quick release collars. If you have more than one dog and the dogs are in the habit of wrestling with each other, do not leave them unattended wearing collars. (Naturally, dogs should never be left outdoors when their owners are not at home and they should be secure in the house without collars.) Keep the collar handy by the door which the dog uses so you can put it on him before he goes out.
For additional information on the dangers of regular collars see Collars

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