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Clyde the poop machine

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I have a five month old basset named clyde and it seems that all he does all day besides sleep is leave little surprises for me. He poops about ten times a day and it is a good amount each time, I am wondering if this is normal? I live in an upstairs apartment and go to class about five hours a day so i have been trying to pad train him and nothing seems to work he just pays no attention to it. I have had to have the carpets cleaned twice since i have had him because of his constant accidents it is getting very frustrating I love the saggy little fella but its rediculous. when i am here and take him out he will not potty outside but will as soon as we come in and i turn my back. I just had knee surgery too so his trips out are very hard on me especially when he doesent relieve himself. Cleaning his many messes are even harder on crutches aswell. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...PLEASE HELP
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I agree with all of the above mentioned suggestions! Virga was a little more difficult to potty train than Doppler was. She would wander around behind furniture and pee there and we wouldn't see it until we were walking through minutes later. What we decided to do was to block off the areas of the house she has access to. It started as she only had access to the living room where we were most of the time anyway. Then we gradually expanded her "territory" until she got free reign to the main part of the house (we have a very open floor plan). We simply shut doors to the other rooms. We were still having some slight problems with it so we put a bell on Virga's collar. Then we would notice if she started wandering away and could follow her. This helped immensely and now that Virga is 8 months old she hasn't had any accidents in about a month! Knock on wood.

Just keep at it and you'll get the hang of his hints he has to go. Good luck!
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