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Clyde the poop machine

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I have a five month old basset named clyde and it seems that all he does all day besides sleep is leave little surprises for me. He poops about ten times a day and it is a good amount each time, I am wondering if this is normal? I live in an upstairs apartment and go to class about five hours a day so i have been trying to pad train him and nothing seems to work he just pays no attention to it. I have had to have the carpets cleaned twice since i have had him because of his constant accidents it is getting very frustrating I love the saggy little fella but its rediculous. when i am here and take him out he will not potty outside but will as soon as we come in and i turn my back. I just had knee surgery too so his trips out are very hard on me especially when he doesent relieve himself. Cleaning his many messes are even harder on crutches aswell. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...PLEASE HELP
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First and foremost, it probably wouldn't hurt to have a vet visit. Bring a poo sample with you so they can rule out parasites/worms.

Do you crate him while you're gone? You might look into crate training as it will help to teach him to "hold it."

American Dog Trainers Network -- How To Successfully Crate Train Your Puppy

Dogs are den creatures and don't like to soil their sleeping areas. It will also help him to understand what going outside it for. I understand that trips outside are hard on you but I would highly recommend picking either pad training him or outside potty training. Switching back and forth can confuse the puppy and lead to delayed housebreaking issues.

It will also help for you to establish a routine/potty schedule. Take him out every couple of hours. If he doesn't go while outside, then place him back into the crate for a while and try again later. This will help him get the idea that going outside is for going potty. Also make sure that the he isn't allowed too much room in the crate or he will just go in one end and sleep in the other. A large box or wire panel can reduce the area of the crate until he get's older.

Also watch Clyde carefully to look for his potty behavior. (like sniffing around, sudden changes in activities, etc). Once you start to see signs of this behavior, take him outside to go potty. Be sure to use lots of praise while he's in the act of going (such as go potty, good boy) and reward with a treat after he's done. Bassets are very food motivated and this is a good way to help reinforce desired behavior.

Potty Training Dogs: How to Do It

Most of all, be patient. With bassets potty training takes time. They are a little slower to catch on but they will also long as they have consistent training and reinforcement. Hang in there, it will get better!
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