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I tried a few times with my wiener dog long ago, but gave up, after hitting the pulp once or twice. plus he was too traumatized : ( after that, we had it done at the vets intermittently when he was there for something else (never went out of our way to go to the groomer's or anything). we had concrete in our backyard and it was enough to keep them trim.

Now for my basset (no concrete backyard here), i've decided i won't even try. esp since some of his nails are black and I cannot see the where the quick/pulp is. i got good advice to file his nails, and I've been doing that. We do it 3x/week in front of the TV using a regular nail file for people. I give him a nice bone, and give 10 nice swipes for each nail and that seems to keep them trim. much easier than trying to cut them, if you ask me. well, don't take my word for it, ask Worm...

(Worm says: I don't like it that much, but if i have a nice bone to eat, i mind it less...)
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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