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Elvis came to us with a similar bowing of his front legs. We noticed him limping and had a x-ray done that showed the bowing was staring to dislocate his elbow. The vet told me the name of the condition, which is (unfortunatley) a potential probelm with bassets.

We had surgery done on him, but it only involved cutting the non-weight bearing bone in his front leg and not putting a pin in it. There were several other surgical option but this one made the most sense to us. He had no trouble with the surgery and in about 6 weeks you'd never know that he'd had trouble with his leg. We expect we'll have to do the other leg later this year, but we'll wait and see what the x-rays show at that point. The vet also put him on Glycoflex because of the probablity of arthritis from this condition when he gets older.

We don't know Elvis' age because we found him as a stray, but the vet puts him between 1 - 2 years which sounds very close to Clair.

I certainly can't help you make a decision but I will tell you that the surgery we had done really helped Elvis.

Healing drool to Clair and please let us know what decide.

Elvis, his human and his tribe.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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