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CKC - Is it even worth it to register Bessi and Smili

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First, forgive me I am posting this in the wrong forum. Both Smili's mommy and daddy are CKC registered. The mommy is also ACK Registered. The daddy never got around to registering with the AKC.

I have read much of the negative things that are said about the CKC. I am not planning on breeding either (They will be spayed at 4 months).

They are indeed purebred Bassets with pure Basset attitude, just not sure if there is any advantage to register other than to make my wallet a little lighter.
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Unfortunately some of my puppies may never be registered even though I ask the owners too .I know it is more expensive than it use to be and the registration forms almost read like a novel but it cost me a lot more to register the litter than it use to and some are not prone to buy puppies without registration papers.They almost feel like that is what their cost of the puppy is going for. If I have a dog I can register I do ,I don't mind doing it after all I don't want him to be just a face in the crowd.On the other hand I've seen puppies and dogs that I wonder why someone bothered to register them because the quality is so bad(with the AKC)
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