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CKC - Is it even worth it to register Bessi and Smili

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First, forgive me I am posting this in the wrong forum. Both Smili's mommy and daddy are CKC registered. The mommy is also ACK Registered. The daddy never got around to registering with the AKC.

I have read much of the negative things that are said about the CKC. I am not planning on breeding either (They will be spayed at 4 months).

They are indeed purebred Bassets with pure Basset attitude, just not sure if there is any advantage to register other than to make my wallet a little lighter.
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Continental Kennel Club papers are only good for lining birdcages, so I recommend not wasting the money.
There was a case in Southern Ontario where animal control wanted to confiscate/kill a purebred Labrador because the agent thought it was a Pitbull (the law here says that if an official thinks it looks like a Pitbull, that's what it is unless you can prove otherwise). The only thing that saved her was the owners had her Canadian Kennel Club papers proving she was a Labrador. The AKC papers can be useful if you ever need to prove ownership.

BTW, in Canada if you sell a puppy as purebred you are required by law to provide the new owner with the registration papers within six months of sale at no extra charge.
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