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CKC - Is it even worth it to register Bessi and Smili

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First, forgive me I am posting this in the wrong forum. Both Smili's mommy and daddy are CKC registered. The mommy is also ACK Registered. The daddy never got around to registering with the AKC.

I have read much of the negative things that are said about the CKC. I am not planning on breeding either (They will be spayed at 4 months).

They are indeed purebred Bassets with pure Basset attitude, just not sure if there is any advantage to register other than to make my wallet a little lighter.
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just not sure if there is any advantage to register other than to make my wallet a little lighter
For the average pet owner there is not much advatage to actual registering any dog. If you are not going to compete in the venues the Registry provides and for a lot of registeries this is nothing there is not a lot of incentive to register. You get a printed pedigree which often you often have to pay extra for. That is it. Is that worth it or not only you can decide.

Just for clarifiction CKC cause a lot of confusion CKC as in Canadian Kennel Club is our nieghbors to the north equivelent to the AKC CKC as in Contentential Kennel Club n started up when AKC started doing more facilities inspections and requaire DNA testing on Frequent sires They are often prefered by BYB and puppymill breeder because being much looser in their standard of register what is presented to them they are cheaper as well. The quality of the registry and maintaining that quality is highly suspect. The CKC is not the only registry like this in the US it has become almost a cottage industry.

The CKC does sponsor a few events a year there agility trial are a joke. I image the conformation etc are no better.

The daddy never got around to registering with the AKC.
FWIW the CKC accepts AKC registration then again they acept on faith the person presenting a dog that it is pure bread without any other evidence the reverse is not case. A CKC registered dog can not be register with the AKC unless it meet allthe rules for akc registration ie the Dam and Sire were Register with AKC, The litter was registered with AKC then the dog can be AKC registed provided it is done so within on year of birth, after that it take extra money, pleading and your first born son in order to get an AKC registration., . KEEP in mind in to participate in AKC performance events ie obedience, agility, lure coursing, rally the dog does not have to have a full or partial AKC registration it can be registered on ILP (indefinate listing Priviledge ) in which you send a check and two pictures of the dog and an explaination of why you think the dog is a purebred if AKC agrees you get an ILP which list the dog as the breed and you are record as that breed. All the basset I have competed with In AKC had ILP. There is also a PAL program wich now accepts cross and mixed breed however an indiviual club putting on an even can accept Pal or not whereas they have no choice but to accept ILP's , ILP are cheaper to obtain than full registration and much easier if you have not been prompt in acquiring an AKC registration.
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