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CKC - Is it even worth it to register Bessi and Smili

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First, forgive me I am posting this in the wrong forum. Both Smili's mommy and daddy are CKC registered. The mommy is also ACK Registered. The daddy never got around to registering with the AKC.

I have read much of the negative things that are said about the CKC. I am not planning on breeding either (They will be spayed at 4 months).

They are indeed purebred Bassets with pure Basset attitude, just not sure if there is any advantage to register other than to make my wallet a little lighter.
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Honestly, the breeder sent me home with paperwork for each of mine, but I never did it. They are both fixed and I had never planned to show them anyway. I got them strictly for companionship and because I adore dogs. I never saw the merit in spending the money just so I could say they are registered.
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