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Circle 3 times and lay down....

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I always heard a dog will circle 3 times before laying down, but last night was different.
After I went to bed, the dogs went out for their potty break. I was half asleep when they came back in. Digger came to bed, and was going to lay by my feet.
Well this is where it went wacky. After Digger jumped onto the bed, he walked in circles about 5 times, then started to paw at the covers while rotating another 5-6 times, and then did his little powerdrive on to the bed. (that's where he jumps up and drops down sideways on his shoulder).

I thought it was circle 3 times, not for 3 minutes!
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Daisy Jayne doesn't circle unless she's preparing to lay on the floor. If she gets on the couch, the bed, or one of her human's laps, she just collapses straight down, like she's been shot. :lol:

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