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For the past five years I've been putting my Christmas tree out on my side porch due to the fact that I have two active Bassets. In previous years i know the tree would have been knocked over or ornaments scattered. This year I decided that Jack and Maggie had matured enough so I decided to move the tree into the living-room. The tree looks rather odd because all the ornaments are on the upper half of the tree. ( to avoid sneaky ornament thieves) I had to work late today so my parents agreed to come over and let the hounds out. While they were at the house my parents went down in the basement to look at a couple of Christmas deer which won't light up due to a unknown broken bulb. Well anyway, my mother told my dad to keep going up to check on the hounds to make sure they wern't getting into any trouble. The first two times they were sleeping quietly on the couch. A few minues later my dad went up again and found five ornaments chewed up on the livingroom floor! So much for maturity! We still can't figure out how they got up in the tree to pull the ornaments down. They both looked innocent, but Jack wandered into the kitchen and threw up a piece of wood so I think he is the main suspect. Now all my ornaments are on the upper third of the tree. (very unusual looking) It's funny how many adjustments we make for our dogs.
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