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I don't do trees for the very situation you described. I do put up a tree for my Mom in her house. The problem there is since Sadie went to the Bridge, she keeps Spencer all day while I work. I warned her to keep an eye on him around the tree. Well, it has been up 1 week & he has left it alone -- until today! She was doing laundry & after returning upstairs one time she found him de-stuffing an ornament. No real harm done, it was an open bag, she re-stuffed it. It was just a little soggy with drool! Then after another trip from the basement she found him chewing on a wooden sled. He managed to chew one of the runners off. Now I'm worried. She does not have the heart to correct him. I'm afraid he'll have all her ornaments chewed before the holiday is over! Oh, I forgot to mention - he is 10 1/2 years old. So much for maturing is right! ;)
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