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Christmas Puppy Campaign

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I recieved this info this morning from United Against Puppy Mills:

"A UAPM newspaper ad is running during December in the following newspapers in the DOGS FOR SALE section:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Sundays)
Harrisburg Patriot News (Sundays)
The Baltimore Sun (Sundays)
The Reading Eagle (Sundays)
Engle Publishing's array of 21 WEEKLY papers that includes the Merchandiser, in
Lancaster, Daulphin and Chester Counties.

Although this exact wording is not always used because of space considerations, here is our basic ad:

Looking for a Puppy?
Shop smart! Call 1-866-975-DOGS
Toll-free for info

We are able to monitor from where the calls originate... which will help when deciding where to place future ads!
Please call the number yourself to hear the recorded message. "
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Thanks Mary! That is a very well done message. I hope they get LOTS of calls and that people listen to what they are saying.

I had to do an emergency transport yesterday and delivered the beagle to an adopt-a-thon (into the custody of a rescud). Lots of puppies there and I'm hoping that any impulse buyers were screened out by the rescues who put it on.
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