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If folks still want to send the cards I can manage the list. We would need everyone to respond pretty quickly - probably best if I could get them all today. I'm on the west coast so let's say by 8:00 pm Pacific time. That way I could get the list out and everyone will have it ASAP. Anyone who would like to participate just send a email using the format Patrick asked for to; [email protected]

I'll send the list out tonoght. If there is anyone who doesn't make the deadline I can send a seperate email with their information on Monday - don't want to miss anbody. I love the cards! :lol:[/b]
I sent my cards out to other folks - when Patrick didn't send the list and his PM box just returned my messages I assumed he was having technical problems.

It's so nice of you to offer to do this though-I love getting the cards , and really miss them this year-

Let's see what happened to Patrick- if he can't do it next year, would you be willing to do it?

In the meantime, anyone who can't still send their card and wants to send a greeting can post the card pictures online in the "Posting Holiday Card Picture Here" thread - not the same as getting the actual cards, but we can still send a greeting that way.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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