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Moe is a hardened cookie-stealing thief, beyond rehabilitation. At Holiday baking time he uses many different methods to steal contraband cookies - begging will get him non-chocolate treats but snatch-and-run-like-he** and the ambush method are used to get the highly prized and forbidden chocolate chip cookies. He has managed to eat as many as six at a time (with little or no ill affects (his ambush method works well). His large size may a factor in his ability to eat small amounts of chocolate. Tally is one quarter Moe's size and we are much more vigilant about keeping her away from chocolate.

I've heard that the darker the chocolate the higher the risk. Quantity is a big factor (as in chocolate chip cookies with a few chips in them compared to a whole bar of pure chocolate, with unsweetened baking chocolate being the worst). Also the size of a dog must make a difference - a few chocolate chips may be harmful to a Dachshund but not to a Great Dane, perhaps. And, as with people, maybe there are some dogs that are more sensitive to it?

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