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Chicken Soup for the Soul (dog food)

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I switched to this a while back. Both dogs really liked it, and it just chock full of healthy ingredients. A little more expensive but worth it. Anyone else feed it to their dogs?

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For those concerned about the Diamond food Recall this food along with Kirland brand for cosco stores are also made by diamond. They were unaffected by the recall because neither contains corn.
Aaaak! This is Diamond Dog??? It looks so healthy, I thought I was really on to a great food.
It is a good food. Just as Diamond is a good quality food. They had a QC problem at one plant in which employess were allowed to disregard prescribed management practices that led to what will be huge emotional losses for many dog owners and huge financial loss for Diamond. In 1995 "Natures Recipe" had a similar problem with a less toxic fungal infestation in wheat. It cost them over 20 million dollars with no were near the deaths an complications caused by Diamonds Negligence.

Just a word of warning many of the "boutique" super preimium performance brands are actually manufacture by old line pet food companies on a contractual basis.
You highlighted an article quite a while ago, about choosing a dog food[/url]

I can never remember the name of the article but it is written by an owner of Woodhaven Kennels (labrador's) so I find it that way

Dog Foods - Help in making the choice easier
"Oh I tried to be a better dog mom. I tried most if not all of the foods listed in a certain magazine as being the 10 best (based on ingredients - not testing). I felt guilty for feeding a food that can be found in most pet food stores. I felt guilty unless I did the best I could for my dogs which meant feeding an expensive dog food. I also spent hundreds of dollars trying to get my dogs back into shape afterwards. For the most part, feeding these foods was a disaster for my dogs. I learned my lesson.

I feed what works for my dogs! Whether that's Purina, Iams, Eukanuba, Diamond or whatever. This is my advice for you. FEED WHAT WORKS!!! Don't let anyone guilt you into or suck you into buying a food based on a magazine's 10 best foods or prejudice towards certain dog food companies. If it works for your dog, then feed it. "
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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