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Luke used to chew on everything. He would carry around sticks twice his size and chew on them. He still chews a lot. When he tried to eat the fish tank stand I knew we had to take a more active role.

We tried a Kong, but after the first minute he would have nothing to do with it anymore, no matter what we put into it. We finally solved most of the problem by giving him bones. I get beef shin bones cut into about 1 inch lengths and give them one every 2-3 days. I also give them a bigger one, maybe 5 to 6 inches long every once in awhile. He also goes through coke bottles, both the 2 liter and the 20 oz ones faster than we can empty them. That seems to have curbed most of his urge to chew on other things. He still chews some things up, but I think that is more in irritation at us being ignoring him or being away longer then he thinks we should be.

Oh, and I barbecue with real wood, he has taken a liking to the Mesquite chunks. He is still the weirdest dog I have ever met.

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