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Be grateful it's wood and not rocks. Our Bogie has had two surgeries to removed rocks from blocked instestines, because he swallowed rocks to large to pass. He now wears a muzzle when he is outside and we are NOT able to watch him or be with him. We had to add flexible screen webbing to the muzzle because he learned he could get his tongue through the holes and lick up things. He has adapted to it very well, can pant in hot weather, drink water, and bark. We still keep a watchful eye on him and check on him often when he is in the yard with it on. He has hung it on a low tree limb before.

This might be an option if all else fails with your wood eaters.

:lol: Our little hockey goalie. :lol:

We camp alot and the muzzle goes with us. Rocks seem bo be everywhere.
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