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Chewing Branch Twigs

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Does anyone know if it's okay for a dog to chew on branch twigs lying around in the backyard?

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Ruby used to chew on twigs when she was a puppy when we lived in Bassetchusetts. We teased and said she was part termite.

The vet then said to NEVER have sticks or twigs around; clean them up! They can perforate the throat and mouth as most dogs don't completely chew what goes in.

Janice and Ruby
I don't know if it's OK, but I have little choice. I have 18 elm trees that loose branches any time there is a breeze. They range from little twigs to 3" thick branches. It doesn't matter what the size is, they get chewed on and sometimes end up in the house.

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I suppose that is never okay, but dogs will be dogs, just be careful. A while back Lily got one embedded in the roof of her mouth and we ended up at the emergency vet for a very expensive bill...all for a silly stick.

My previous Basset, Otis, had a punctured esophagus from a stick, he nearly died from it. After a fortune in vets bills, he survived, so we try to keep our yard picked clean.
Sally and Shermie
Oh my goodness I feel like we are doomed we have a desert yard full of rocks and dirt and we have the occasional small stick that gets blown in and our puppy readily eats sticks and rocks...
I also have several big trees in my backyard, sticks and twigs are unavoidable. I suppose each dog is different, my two hounds have never shown any interest in sticks. They eat (and throw up) grass very often, but thats it.
read this post and don't let your dog even start.

Ernest's expensive day at the vet.
those hug branchs was funny. We are like one of the above posters. A Lot of trees. We live in a sub-division and have cyclone fencing. Tummy is almost 6 yrs. old. He gets a good quality fod. Let him outside and he goes right to dirt and twigs every thing. We found a basket mask. It is All holes (sort of like a hocky players) He can drink water. Tummy is indoor dog. If it is really hot- I let him out with it in for aBOUT 5 MIN.S to go potty :p :D
I don't let mine chew sticks. My neighbor's dog had a throat puncture that nearly killed him. As she said at the time, it was a good thing they had a college fund for the kids -- that was the only way they could have afforded the surgery and the three-week daily trips to Tufts for dressing changes.

I'd just as soon avoid this.......
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