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Chew toys

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Does anyone have bassets that destroy new chew toys in a matter of minutes? Lucy and Ethel will totally destroy any toys we get them in less than an hour, Any suggestions on durable chew toys that have a little staying power ?
I was thinking of getting a truck tire but it wouldn't look good in the living room :)
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Dixie does exactly the same thing. She has a toy basket full of fabric that used to be her stuffed animals. She loves to pull all of the stuffing and the squeakers out of them. The vinyl or rubber toys only last a few minutes before she tears them up and tries to swallow the pieces. Unfortunately, she's not interested in the more durable toys like Kongs. We're still looking for something that will last a while and that she's interested in.
Only things that have worked for me are an extra extra tough nylabone (looks like a fist) and a black kong. The rest of the toys have gone to toy heaven.

Good luck!
Sabian likes the braided ropes. Pearl thinks toys are beneth her. yvonne
Try the extra large black kong for heavy chewers- that's about the only thing Murray can't break down.
"Unfortunately, she's not interested in the more durable toys like Kongs"

She would be if you stuffed them with food/teats
see Kong Stuffing Pointer

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other toys to engage a dogs prey dog

Opposed to a man-made chew you can use natural items like bones provide they are large enough, cow hoves and pig ears. As with manmade prouducts any of thease natural products can cause broken teath stomach/intestinal blockages or perferations so they must be sized correctly for the dog and should be used under supervision.
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Oh yeah......
Ben can demolish any so called durable toys in a matter of minutes. Luckily he is not interested in eating any of the peices. His whole objective is to MAKE the peices.

As for kongs....... he doesn`t like them at all,totally uninterested in them.
One thing I did for Mollie. She pretty much destroys Toys, and anything else on the floor. So I gave her a pair of my daughters shoes. She loves it and chews on it all the time. This is now an outside toy, but it works for us. Also the big bones that look like a real bone(white and hollow in the middle) they sell them at Petsmart I know. They are pretty heavy too. It work on my other dogs. They last forever, I normally have them for months!
One brand of toy that we have found to be good are the Dr. Noy's replaceable squeaker toys. They have fleece pouches with a squeaker in them, and they work to get the pouch out. Maddie Lou's favorite has been the extra large snake which has two pouches. I think she works so hard to remove the pouch, she feels she has accomplished something, and no further need to de stuff the toy. Also, since she was a pup, I had put a tennis ball in one of my husband's white socks, and she loves it still. She tries to get the ball out, we throw it, and she does love to chew on socks!!
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