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Cheese Please

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My dogs are Cheese-a-holics now. I have read in here where alot of you give your houndie's cheese so I decided to try it. Now i can say cheese from the other side of the house and the dogs come running. I did an experiment the other day to determine the power of cheese. Both dogs were snoring on the couch dead to the world, I called thier names and neither moved an eyelid. I then said the "C" word in a soft tone and they jumped off the couch and into my recliner licking thier chops. Now the cheese is thier special treat and they are bonafide cheese-a-holics
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Cheese works on my dogs as good as candy for my kids!

Funny how certain things motivate them!
My mother always has a lot of cheese in her fridge and as soon as we get in her house Francis automatically walks over to the refrigerator and starts in on the "poor starving little puppy" routine. We met her at the park the other day and as soon as he smelled her and heard her voice he was all over her like white on rice!
Our girls are NUTS over cheese. Molly can hear us getting it out of the fridge from any vantage point be it outside or inside--I'm not kidding about the outside thing, perhaps we need a new kitchen window?
They both LOVE it.
Cheese is about the only thing that will motivate Rosie in training.
Cheese as able to turn Toughy a dog that would literally walk around a twig in his path to this
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Last week I opened a cellophane package of batteries - no reaction. I opened a cellophane package of cheese, which sounds the same to me, and cats and dogs converged on me instantly from all over the house. It couldn't have been the smell - they showed up in seconds. :D
I have a 15 year old Eskimo Dog and since he was a pup he has LOVED cheese. That is his special treat. Loves it more than anything else in the world.
Opus is nearly 10 and is an absolute gourmaund about cheese. The stronger the better, he particularly likes a french camembert that is so pungent both our eye water. Of course he likes it on wafer thin water biscuits.
Arlene and Opus.
Originally posted by opus:
 Of course he likes it on wafer thin water biscuits.  
hehe ooohhh no ... we don't spoil our bassets ... do we? hehe

We are SO owned! Our bassets have us trained well :) hehe

Mocha and Beldin love cheese too.

They don't get it very often ... but they seem to KNOW when I'm opening the fridge to get cheese ... or opening it for something else. *lol*
Leroy and Cooter too both LOVE cheese, as does their Momma. They can be snoring on the couch and I can open the fridge several times, but as soon as I get the cheese out, I have two starving bassets at my feet. They don't get much quantity though, it gives them gas something awful, LOL!
Yep; Daisy loves cheese Scooby Snacks. Our other dog doesn't care for them, but she'll knock me down to get a cheesy Scooby Snack. :)
Ruby even loves my soy cheese.
They don't get much quantity though, it gives them gas something awful, LOL!
Dang! You just helped me figure out why Twinkie was gassing me to death last night. I gave her cheese during the day.

Janet 'n Twinkie
Speaking of gassy bassets, ours don't get it from cheese... they get it from lamb, anyone else have that problem?
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