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When we were at the 2009 Basset Hound Bustle Extravaganza, there was a 2010 Basset Hound Calendar contest. We signed up and a photographer took the cutest and most beautiful pictures of Charlie! And a few weeks later we found out that Charlie is one of the winners! Their was more than 100 bassets their, and about half the dogs were in the calendar contest. Their will be 3 pictures of Charlie on the calendar!

explore the page, Charlie is the little puppy that is almost totally black and white.

here are more pics

Their was also another photographer their who works at the Snap newspaper company. She stumbled along us when we met Charlies sister, Ruby, and her owners. She took a few pictures of Charlie, his sister Ruby and my son. And about a month later we found the newspaper and Charlie, Ruby and my son were on the front cover![]=97244

The basset calendar will be available to order later this year.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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