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Changing Dudley's name!

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Last night Dudley came to bed, and started licking my face. Then he tried to get as close as he could. He was leaning on me and pushing as hard as he could with his feet. It was like he couldn't get close enough.
So now I'm thinking of changing his name to Snugley! :lol: :lol: :lol:

And I can't post without a picture:
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He is so precious. When I was a kid my parents friends across the street had a yellow lab they named "Goldie". She NEVER responded to that name. One day I was outside playing with her and she was barking at me and I said "You're a sassy dog." Well guess what, she ran up to me like Sassy was her name. After that they renamed her Sassy and she actually listened. :lol:

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