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Beldin never really changed any of his colouring or spots or anything. He pretty much looks now the same as he did as a pup only bigger.

He did however develop more freckles and spots on his underside and tummy but nothing major.

Mocha on the other hand is quite different.

She was almost completely black as a pup... now her legs are all copper, her head is mostly copper and the white stripes she had accross her shoulders and hips are almost completely gone and she has copper "dusting" throughout the rest of her black areas.

She still seems to be changing too ... more copper - and she's a year and a half old as of the 12th of this month.

I've heard that apparently bassets continue to grow and change til about their 2nd year ... but another friend of mine says her basset STILL changes seasonally and she's about 7 years old.

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