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Lawsuit has been filed:


I suspect the dog was placed on a choke collar, treadmill was started, person in charge walked away for awhile. Meantime, Gator was probably thrown off the back of the treadmill when he became fatigued, and his attempts to regain his footing earned him bruising on the back legs and a bloody snout, while the choke collar squeezed his neck, doing damage to his esophagus.

In the first place, I cannot believe someone would put a choke collar on a dog they're placing on a treadmill. Leaving the dog alone in these circumstances is doubling up on the stupidity. Very poor practice for any facility.

I hope this poor dog eventually recovers, but he clearly has a very long road ahead. As for the lawsuit, I don't see how Mr. Milan thinks he can beat this particular rap. I've been more than a little leary of this man and his gimickry for some time........
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