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We are worried when our Sam is alone during the day when we are at work. He has the run of the bedroom and hallway and can look out the window from the bed. He has plenty of toys and chew things and we leave him plenty of water and food. Our schedule allows for us to go home and let him out at lunchtime so he is never left alone more than 5 hours at a time. He HATES to be alone and goes crazy when we come home - so happy to see us! When we are home he never lets us get out of his sight.

We would love to have another basset but live in a small mobile home and don't have room for another one. We were wondering if a kitten would keep him company?

Do any of you have cats or kittens around your bassets? How do they get along?

Sam is 8 months old and weighs approx. 40 lbs.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Sam's Mom
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