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Quite common there is only one sure fire cure. Clean up the poop eimmediately before casey has a chance to get to it. If that means foing out every time Angele's does than that is what you have to do.

there are a bunch of so called cure that involve adding ingredients to feed to make the poop unappealling to booby traping the poop with tabasco sauce none of these is anywhere close to being effect in a majority of cases.


as for the question why does a dog eat poop. I like this explaination by Raymond Coppinger and his therory that insead of humans domesticating wolf like animals that became dogs the dogs domesticated themselves living of the waste of human villages.
"They’re coming to the food. They’re coming to the waste products and the thing about humans is that there’s tremendous numbers of waste products. Scavenging on village wastes was a wonderful strategy for the early wolf-dog - and maybe they weren't such a complete nuisance after all. Rubbish dumps breed disease. A mobile post-pleistocene garbage service might have come in handy. And it could help explain the dog's least endearing habit. Eating shit."
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