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Car/dog wash

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Well they have these car/dog washes around here so I figured I would give it a try.It's a pretty good set up.They have a over head sprayer and a ramp so the dogs can walk up into a tub/sink.They have different shampoo's and even a skunk smell remover.And a blow dryer type hose which kinda scared him.It costs 5 bucks for 8 minutes.
Well lets just say Bocephus..aka Hank was not a happy camper even though he smelled better.

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That pic definitely says BASSET ABUSE!

I've never tried one of those, but I'm tempted to. My fear is that Elvis would get loose and go running through the place like a mad man! He hates water, unless he's drinking it.
I saw that dog wash on an episode of Orange County Choppers.

They have an iron fence up where they cant get out. Hank kinda was scared of the "blowdryer" :eek: and broke away from me only to find out his escape route was blocked by the fence :angry: .I will go back again, less mess at my house to deal with.
Plus Hank gets to ride in a car..which he looked as though he was in his chariot looking at the commoners ;)


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Yeah for gates! Elvis not only hates water but I'm sure the blow dryer would remind him of the vacuum cleaner! If I ever get the courage to go I'll have to bring a person to take pics. I'm sure that will be an event that I will want recorded for all times.

glad you have a clean houndie - even if he does look so sad and put upon.
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