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Canine Wheel Chair

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I realize we will most likely be looking for a wheel chair in the future. Does anyone know of a place to purchase used wheel chairs, or at least some that are reasonably priced? Molli is 6 months + at this point. She is getting around well, but more than likely will need a wheel chair in adulthood. I am hoping she doesn't, but I want to be realistic, and by starting to look well in advance, maybe our options will be more abundant. If anyone has information for us, please post.

I have also talked with our vet about this and she has mentioned, that she sees the benefit of the dog learning to use a wheelchair while they still have the strength and are not totally dependant on it (to paraphrase our discussion).
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I just saw a show on Animal Planet where a person made their own out of toy truck parts, then finally someone sent them a real wagon. I've been racking my brain trying to remember the show, or who sent the wagon, but I can't come up with any details that would help you. But I would think a google search would produce some leads.
You might also check ebay or craig's list. I, too, remembering seeing a post somewhere about getting them. If I find it - or remember what it was - I'll sent you the info.
I've looked at wheelchairs and all kinds of things for Lady before over the past couple of years.

Try Googling dog and "mobility device" or dog and wheelchair. You should come up with a lot of sites.

And some sites sell second hand doggie wheelchairs. If I could remember which, I'd tell you.
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