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Welcome! I am so glad to see that you posted these links and articles. I am going to go and check out the health forum later where I see you posted a number articles. Last year was the first year that I decided not to vaccinate Yogi with the DHLLP booster. I had them do titer tests instead. Even though it costs more for the titer tests than the vaccines I was happy to do it because I feel we are over vaccinating our dogs. Yogi had a rabies vaccine done in December of 2006 and he developed a huge lump at the injection site! I had never seen anything like that and was very alarmed. It took a very long time for the lump to go away. I have serious reservations about him getting a rabies shot in 2009 as he will be an older dog by then and who knows what might happen this time? I remember reading about the study for the rabies in Dog Fancy magazine and was very excited to hear it was being done.
I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your dog and want to thank you for taking the time to post all this information so that pet owners can draw their own conclusions as to what is best for their dogs.
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