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Cancer and microchip link needs more research

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Did you all see the article about mictochipping causing sarcoma's in pets. I am soooo upset. Three of my dogs are microchipped. :angry: :angry: :angry:
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If I recall, the risk is low and the cancer is very slow growing. I think the odds of losing your dog is greater than the risk of microchipping them.

The bigger problem to me with the microchipping is that not all vets/shelters etc. have the equipment to check them.

If you are worried I'd talk to your vet and see if they can be removed.
I have never heard anything like that before. My 2 (Basset & Cat) are chipped but unfortunatly my cat has been missing for about 3 weeks and i am hoping that her micro chip will bring her safely back to me and would never have either of their chips removed.. I would like to read the artical though..
Medical microchip for people may cause cancer
Company didn't tell public of decade-old studies tying device to rat tumors

This should be the link. If it isn't, the article is in the health section of
elvis's mom thanks for posting the link. I wasn't sure how to do it. pat
Based on the facts that a large number of pets have already been implanted with this microchip technology, and because there have been a relatively small number of confirmed cases of chip-induced tumors, the AVMA advised pet owners against a rush to judgment on the technology.

In fact, there is a concern among veterinary medical researchers that some of the research into chip-induced tumors may be flawed because the animals used were genetically predisposed to cancer. In addition, removal of the chip is a more invasive procedure and not without potential complications.

It's clear that there is a need for more scientific research into this technology, AVMA states.[/b]
More info about microchipping...

Common Questions about Microchips
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