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To answer your topic title: no there is no such thing as too many Bassets (although I only have 2, my house can't hold any more :( )

I'm no expert, my dogs were both altered when I got them (both rescues of sorts), but I think that if you wait until she is out of her heat then you are in the clear, now if the family can wait until you get her fixed that would be great too.

Whether or not you decide to take the new boy perhaps you can help the family find the boy a new home so that he doesn't go to a shelter (I know thats not your job, but I'm sure you don't want to see him go to a shelter). There was a lady at my gym the other day who works at a shelter and she says that the odds at a shelter are definitely against the animal (especially at Animal Control).

Hope everything works out, keep us posted (Maybe you'll soon be posting about the new addition to your family :p )

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