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I'd ask the dog's current owners to have him neutered. At 4 1/2 months, there are vets who would do the job. BUT keep in mind that even after this surgery, if you take him home, he's going to have hormones surging for awhile. You'd have to keep him away from your bitch.

I currently have three bassets, one neutered male and two intact girls. I show in Conformation, or the girls would be spayed. After Charlie finished his Championship, I had him neutered because it was impossible to have an intact dog and a bitch in season living together. I'll never forget the time I was trying to watch t.v. in our family room, with Charlie locked in the kitchen and Edith with me. I could see Charlie through the French door as he sat in the middle of the kitchen floor, lifted his nose to the ceiling and bayed in misery. I had to put his crate in my van and leave him out there at night so that we could get some sleep. Life is much easier now that Charlie's parts are gone! And I love having three bassets -- my own little pack![/b]

Seeing him baying after those girls would have tickled me. :lol: I'm glad you took care of him so that he wouldn't be miserable anymore. There was a bitch in heat across the street from me and Fred wouldn't eat. He'd just lay there mostly and bay sometimes because he couldn't have her. I'm getting him neutered next month so that he won't have another miserable summer.

As far as having another basset, if I could afford to feed and take care of another mouth, I would get Fred a female companion. Right now, Fred would be trying to make a female his wife and baby momma because he isn't neutered yet. :p
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