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While cats can develop asthma, there's not much discussion of asthma in dogs, which suggests that it's not a common condition. From Pets with allergies and asthma
Dogs also suffer from inhalant allergies triggered by pollens, dust mites, danders, and molds. These are common Asthma triggers in human, but dogs react differently. Instead of respiratory problems, dogs often react with skin problems. Symptom for dogs include scratching, biting, chewing and constant licking of the feet. Treatment includes eliminating triggers, antihistamines, corticosteroids, and immunotherapy.
Sled dogs develop a condition similar to an asthma-like condition experienced by some human cold-weather athletes. See Sled dogs may shed clues on 'ski asthma' (Reuters Health) and Racing Alaskan Sled dogs as a model of "ski asthma" (Medline abstract).

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