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Can anyone in the UK recommend a good harness please?

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Can anyone in the UK recommend a good strong harness please, to fit 68lbs and 70lbs sized Bassets? I bought two some time ago and only used them two or three times and the plastic clasps that slot/clip together both broke and I know I should have returned them, but too much time lapsed and I threw them out!

I can walk them off lead on the beaches near us as there aren't the same smells as around the countryside around our house and the three lanes we can walk along have often got hares, pheasants etc.

Like most Bassets, mine are very stubborn and because of lots of hares, pheasants, small deer close to where we live, I have to keep them on extending leads or they both take off after scents or if they see hares etc etc and they just don't take any notice of being called and as they often stop in their tracks, put their head down and dig their heels in, I have to pull them the way I want them to go and it was doing this that broke the clasps on the harnesses.

I hate pulling them hard in case I injure their neck or it leads to vertebrae in the neck getting damaged because my Bassets are pretty chunky and so strong! I would be grateful if someone in the UK could please recommend a good strong and comfortable harness, Basset shape please.

Thanks :)
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I use martingale collars on mine,but someone I know uses these puppia harness
On her Basset
Sophie, I use a 'Sporn' no pull harness on Toby. It doesn't have any plastic clips that clasp together. It is also padded round his legs. I throw it in the washing machine fortnightly. I have used the same one for 3 years now.
Hi, I'm not in UK but found a great product on Amazon. Check out the Weiss Walkie, we love it. They also sell the Sporn halter.
Thanks everyone, will have a look at the suggestions. :)
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