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I got the digital camera, and have a few good pics. of my boys. I've even loaded them on my computer! But, I have no idea how to get them up on here. Could anyone help, I would APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH! I'll gladly e-mail you the pics. I'd just love to see my boys up here, in good company with all the other beautiful hounds!!! I promise, I'll work on learning this! But, an old dog can only learn so many new tricks in a day, LOL!!!

Go to and make an account...its free. Upload whatever photos you want. Then at the bottom of the screen (after they're uploaded) you'll see the pictures with a little checkbox underneath each. Check the one you want and scroll down and click the "Generate HTML and IMG Code" button. A window will open, go to the "IMG images for message boards" box and highlight the code then copy it (Ctrl+C). Now you can just paste the code in the forum.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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