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Button says to tell Snoopy "Arroooooooooo!!!!!". They look so much alike, complete with each of their own "Button heads" they should be a couple! :lol: Too bad, Button had the feature that creates little puppies altered last year! They could have had little buttonhead puppies! :wub:

Oh, woops, I think I got your Snoopy mixed up with SnoopyBear. (Who is a boy! :eek: ) Sorry! I'm sure that even if Snoopy doesn't have a "Button" on her head, that she is beautiful! :)

HAHAHA Snoopy says "Arrrooo, you go Button!" I'm sure some fine basset will join you. :wub:

And to the other Snoopy, Nice name :D I think there are a few Snoopys here.
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