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Bupdate on April and the HOP Miracle Buppies: I was lucky enough to be able to drive down to Gail's on Saturday with friends, including Marilyn of HOP, among others, to meet the HOP Miracle Buppies, Rudy and Freddie!

OK, they are huge. Look at Freddie's wide load!

They are now 6 weeks old and closing in fast on 8 lbs each. They are snuggly buppies. Really, all they wanted to do was for us to hold them close to our faces so they could give us kisses (buppy breath!). They know how to get in prime bellyrub position. They had a wrestling match. And when they got sleepy and sick and tired of their company, they put themselves in their crate with Momma April to go to bed. So they are already crate-trained!!

Rudy and Freddie have been socialized with bassets of all ages, kids, adults, goats, and chickens! They are going to make great furbabies for some lucky family/families. Who could resist this face?

Lots of new buppypics![email protected]/

The backstory on April and the buppies:
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Gosh, they are so adorable!!!!!!! :wub: Glad to hear that they are doing well.
Glad to see everyone's doing well. They are SO cute!!
Great pictures! They are really cute.
Thanks for the update!
They are adorable! Glad to see they are doing good!

Freddie has gotten enormous! I hadn't seen that specific picture before.

Janice and little Ruby
OH, they are so adorable. I'm so glad everything has gone well! I really love Freddy. It's too bad I'm so far away, otherwise I'd scoop him up!!
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