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I will be bumping the Reunion post for the next week or so in order to make sure I have everyone's input. BTW, what about Branson, Missouri? Would that be more palatable (sp?) for those who are far away?
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Gah! Not Branson.

I have family up there and even a family cemetary south of Branson and used to go there before it was Branson ...

... and they have turned it into the most horrible place on earth. Not to mention, the roads are horrible, very narrow and mountainous and every yahoo in the entire US just HAS to drive their RVs and whatnot at 4 MPH.

Arkansas, though ... Eureka Springs? Hot Springs? Beautiful. Cheap. Lots to do. Good food. And no one knows about it. Although the roads aren't much better.
Kansas City. The Water Front. Best Barbecue Ribs in the world. :p
Great ideas - keep em' coming!
We had a family reunion in Branson three years ago. Lots to do (Musical shows abound, Silver Dollar City, beautiful lakes for boating and fishing, golf courses, etc.) wonderful time, but Biscuit is right about lots of slow moving traffic. Las Vegas has this also.
Missouri is more centrally located, and is about in the middle of the country. St. Louis and Kansas City are great spots, too. The "big thing" is having someone in the "chosen spot" familiar with the area willing to organize our Basset Reunion.
By the way, my husband thinks Alaska would be a great location for a "Waddle In".
I really like the Vegas idea but not really hound friendly. I am in Indiana so too long to drive but I would fly in (houndless). Maybe you could consider something close to a State or National park. Usually cheap to rent venue and parks are usually hound friendly. yvonne
Why do we need to bring the dogs? I went to my first "Basset-less" Nationals last year and had a BALL! It's SO much easier and cheaper. Vegas is very affordable if done the right way. I can get there from Long Island, New York for $200 round trip, non-stop. You can get a room for less than $50 on the strip or on Freemont Street (my choice). Or we can all just plan on meeting at the BHCA Nationals in Gettysburg ~the first week of Oct. See ya! Belinda.
Snoopy and his family are partial to the midwest states. Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa etc... basically anywhere we can drive to in under a day.

A Basset ReUnion without the Bassets just doesn't seem right. Snoopy goes just about everywhere with us. He loves camping and people.

State parks are a good idea, but dogs are not allowed in any of the public buildings including lodging. So unless you have an RV or want to tent camp you are limited there. Depending on where the parks are you might be able to find hotels close that allow some dogs.

I can start researching some ideas for the midwest area.

Snoopy's Mommy
How about ORLANDO! Nice and warm, and I can probably get you all a Disney Discount (wink wink)!
Midwest....or ....we can all rent a boat and go to Oslo !!!!!! OK , Midwest
Steinar, that would be so awesome!! :D

Just a thought. To be fair to everyone,if we held the reunion in the exact geographical center of the US, we would be holding it 4 miles west of Lebanon, Kansas.

I still vote for Vegas, the flights there are cheap in January, and it's warm! ( and I wanna go to Vegas!)

Vegas would be GREAT! plus the Four Seasons (right on the strip) is Pet Friendly for those of us able to bring the hounds & unlike some other hotels they don't have a weight or size limit.
But Colorado (hey it's almost the middle of the country!)would be good too! We have great national parks & comfortable weather almost year round (but I still hate winter!)

BTW I found a great website for pet friendly hotel listings all over the US & Canada- it is called
Hmmm... Vegas would still be the best- But I could actually drive to Colorado with the bassets :)
Hey I want the 180 degree Strip View Suite at
The Four Seasons. :D

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Anything for you Barbara! :D
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