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I believe I have given you the link before but this method should help in creating a definative spot to deficate and/or pee Potty Training Trip

Also look into putting defication and peeing on cue. That is by telling the dog to go they will

see Housetraining Your Puppy
Use commands for elimination. I use a different word for each function, "Quickly" for urinate, and "Hurry up!" for defecate. You can choose your own words, just be sure they are not words used in everyday conversation, or at least have a unique way of saying it. One friend of mine uses "Zoom" for urinate. Each function uses different muscle groups so they are different behaviors. Say "Quickly!" repeatedly until the pup urinates. It becomes a habit for both of you, and soon you will only need to say it once and he will go immediately. This is the ONLY TIME I recommend saying a command repeatedly in training.
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