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Hi All,

Thanks for everyone's advice regarding my accidents in the house situation.

As I mentioned, we back up to a green belt and have no "designated spot" for Strider to go. So I am now working on building a fence with construction to be started hopefully next weekend.

In the meantime, I've tried to get him to go in the backyard, but I think he's so used to now walking and going wherever, I am not sure how to get him to start going in the backyard, especially when the fence is erected. I know it'll take some training and I believe it can be done, but I would love some advice as to HOW I can begin the training back there.

I've put him on a tieout in the backyard, but he hates it because it's retractable and he doesn't like that. I've walked him around back there, but he does not seem interested. I was going to have his poop today bagged up and put in the backyard so he can smell it back there.

Any other ideas? Thank you.
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