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Bubba, In the beginning

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Bubba and his five brothers and one sister was the result of a mating between CH. Rockinhollow Oz Von Skauton and Ch. Switchstand's Night Dream. I was living in Florida at the time,( we were from PA),the breeder near Philadelphia,had lost puppies in the past because she needed to work, so, for the first three weeks someone else had to be with the dam and litter.The litters were not at her home and we all know no one will watch our puppies like we do,so several were lost because of the dam stepping or laying on them. I said to her fly me up and we'll do everything at your house, I''ll stay till they are big enough for you to care for them. A few days before the due date I flew up and we waited. Funny enough, but the breeder had actually given Dream to me a few months before we knew we would be moving to Florida,once I found out we would be leaving,I offered her back because I didn't think the breeder would feel comfortable with her so far away. Now, I was anxious because it had been about 5 years since I had Dream and I wondered if she would remember me. I walked into the breeders house , Dream was a walking watermelon. She waddled over to me and stood on her rear legs to give me a face washing like I've never had before,I actually sort of fell backward against the sofa which allowed her to get on top of me. I think she remembered. The puppies were born April 17,1999. All were blanket black tris except for one red and white boy. (Mom is on my bed with the red and white guy) I was there for three weeks sleeping or rather not sleeping,we didn't lose one puppy. Nine weeks later Bubba flew to Orlando. He was the talk of the baggage area and already had them in awe.


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I love stories like that. There are quite a few owners of dogs whose lives were chronicled on this board and are now quite old (the dogs, not the owners) or who have passed away. There were so many fantastic stories (remember the Woving Weporter and Steinar's crazy hijinx?). The board has lost a lot of the silliness that it used to have, and a lot of GREAT dogs. Phew, I'm a downer!
What ever happened to Steiner? I remember him well. I had another screen name back then, I can't remember which on I used? Perhaps CMfairygodmother?
I remember CMfairygodmother! That was a while ago! I really really miss Steinar. Every one of his posts made me laugh out loud. The last year or so he would visit very briefly, but I haven't seen him in a long time. I don't know why he stopped visiting.
Bubbad, that's so gorgeous, do you have any photos of new born and young Basset puppies? I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that we only got to see them when they were 6-10 weeks old, least I did, never got to see what they were like at tiny tots!
There are other photos of my litter this past year in Conformation (I think)you can see how the puppies grow.The threads should go back to May of 2010.
How adorable. Now that mama has her hands full.
Awww...what a wonderful greeting from Dream! Love the pic - so itty bitty!
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