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Bubba and Snitt the basset cat

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Bubba(1999-2002), besides loving people Bubba loved other animals too. Snitt(our cat,1994-2003) was raised with a litter of bassets and didn't know he was any different. His story is that Snitt and his sister were left in some bushes outside of the Animal Hospital I worked at,they couldn't have been more than a few weeks old. I took him home for the weekend and to my husbands dismay we kept him. At a young age he would attack the basset puppies by jumping on them and bitting the crap out of their necks. As the puppies got bigger they would double up on him and he would hitail it out of the kitchen where the pups couldn't get him. When we moved to Florida he came with us along with Grace,(one of the puppies) they were very close in age. When Bubba came along Snitt thought he had this dog thing all figured out. He wasn't prepared for the "WOOF" factor. Snitt would lay on one of the kitchen chairs and wait for a basset ,Bubba or Grace, to walk under it then he would launch himself onto their back ,like a lion. After giving them a good bite he would takeoff and usually go under the gate into the living room where they couldn't get him,satisfied,he would preen himself and take a nap. I cannot even tell you how many times I tried to fix that gate after Snitt would do his lion thing ,take off under the gate with Bubba hot on his tail and Bubba just busting through the gate to get him. Bubba and Snitt had a love ,hate relationship.Bubba loved Snitt and Snitt hated Bubba,well ,he didn't really hate him ,just avoided sitting beside him,because Bubba would sit right beside Snitt and go,WOOF,WOOF,WOOF,WOOF,WOOF,WOOF, in Snitt's ear. Snitt would start to lean sideways like Bubba had bad breath and when he had enough of the WOOFing he would face Bubba sit on his rear legs and slap Bubba on both sides of his head with his front paws at the same time,it was hilarious. Then when Snitt would find Bubba sleeping he would run up grasp his head in his front paws(thank God he was declawed), lick his face,give him a quick bite on top the head then takeoff.


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Lovely story bubbad. Couldn't help but laugh. God Bless
That was a great story. I can picture the shenanigans. =)

Too funny... our boy dog loves cats. He sings to them. Our freinds used to have a cat we called his girlfriend. When we would go over to their house and we would all be outside (aside from the cat who was inside) Beau would stand by the screen door and sing to her and she (the cat) would rub up against the screen door and purr. They really did love each other.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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