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Brrr Basset or panting Basset

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I asked this elsewehere but it was within another post and inside a shedding question as possibly related however, what would be the temp preferance for a Basset? I relaise that they are outdoorsy hounds and feel that they may be used to the cold more than say some other dogs but i just dont know. Its that funny time of winter into spring here now, just a bit brr for no heating but almost too hot when on (even on low).

Now, before i had the lil fella in October i wouldnt have the heating on at night however, at the moment i have the heating come on a intervals just to keep his kitchen warm in the early hours of the night. The kitchen is the coldest room really and so it makes a differance there but of course then wakes me cause i get too hot. I could turn my radiator off but then i wouldnt feel it warm in the morning.

As he is my first dog i am unsure if i am being over sensitive and that he is actually fine with no heating or even that i could be making him uncomfortable as the heating comes on! We are in England and so we are finished with sub zero temps now till next year probably.


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Your little guy has a lot more fur/hair than you do (or so I so, i wouldn't worry about it that much. Wouldn't worry about it being too cool for him. If you're comfortable then he is probably warmer than you are. I would be careful more about making it too warm.
Make the house comfortable for you and he'll be fine!
I understand your worry - but I think the hounds are pretty self regulating around the house. When we got Jed last year I was always opening and closing windows, and on cold winter nights (I'm in Canada) I'd sneak over and give him a blanket. Now come to realize that he figures it out on his own. I've learned that he loves to snuggle but he doesn't like to be smothered, he loves the snow, will sometimes seek out a warm vent, doesn't enjoy steamy summer days, and sometimes likes a cold floor.
Heh, yes, i realise i am not (unfortunately!) in Canada and am probby concerned over nothing. I read a lot of the posts here and have seen Dozers 3 on webcam in the snow and read about the super sub zeros a lot of you guys have to put up with and all the hounds sound happy enough so, i shant feel so selfish coiled up in my duvet knowing he is downstairs in the colder kitchen heh heh

Many thanks
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