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Gosh, she's a cutie! I remember when we first picked up Snickers last July... as my husband and I drove away, I said "now what???" It was 9 years since we had to do the whole puppy thing. Enjoy her, love her, and grow with her, cause it goes by soooo fast. And when you think you're at wits end (cause she WILL test you if she hasn't already) all it takes is to look at that sweet little face, and you melt, and forget about the fact that she just chewed up a good pair of shoes, or some money, or a roll of toilet paper (all things that Snickers has done.. and all because Daddy wasn't paying attention to her like he should have been:mad:)
I miss those days... I sooo want another one!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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