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Bring Home a Best Friend - irresponsible bit of advice

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See the paragraph at the bottom of the article....
Bring Home a Best Friend
AARP Magazine : Putting the Fun in Refund

The May-June issue of AARP-The Magazine, included an article entitled
"Putting the Fun in Refund". The author of the article suggested that,
rather then getting a "free" puppy at an animal shelter, readers
should use their income tax refund to purchase a registered,
pedigreed puppy. By so doing, they would know for sure what kind of
dog they were getting and they could later breed the dog for stud
fees or sell the puppies for a nice financial reward.

This is one of the most irresponsible bits of advice I have ever
seen. We don't need more inexperienced backyard breeders filling the
community with poor quality "pure" bred dogs. The breeding of
quality, single breed dogs should be left to xperienced,knowledgeable
people, not to those whose only qualification is that they got an
income tax refund. It is the kind of thinking expressed in the AARP
article that has filled animal shelter across the country and leads
to the euthanasia of millions of animals every year.

Don't let them get away with this kind of ill conceived advice. Right
now,while you are thinking about it, send an email to
[email protected] and let them know how you feel. Maybe if enough
of us write they will publish a "correction" or at least not write
this kind of stuff again. Thanks.
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I wrote me' a letter showing my anger at this stupid article:

It was downright dumb to suggest people use their tax refund to get a "purebred" dog insted of getting one "free" from a shelter (most shelters are not free)

Shelters check out all dogs before adopting them out, so you KNOW your dog is healthy, most "breeders" are uneducated people who buy a male and female dog, breed them, and try to make a quick buck, most of these people keep their dogs in horrible condition due to the fact that they see them as a source of income and not a member of the family. You buy a "purebred" from people and something goes worng? The puppy is born sick or with a heart problems etc. your SOL.
Shelters will be there for you for questions and advice if needed. One final note, getting a "purebred" dog does NOT make it better, buy a dog you will love and that will love you back, buy one that fits your living condition and lifestyle i.e.
Don't buy a Great Dane if you live in a 1 bedroom apartment with no yard, don't buy a overactive dog if you are at work 12 hours a day

To suggest people breed thes dogs or use them for stud fees, without proper training, is also irresposible. I wouldn't give people a gun and tell them "go be a cop" without teaching them first.

You want a pet? Get a dog that loves you. Want extra money? McDonalds is almost always hiring.

Don Hinrichs
Blaine MN
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