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Bridge over muddy waters.

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With all the cold and snow over the last month or so, now it all wants to melt. What do you get with melting snow? MUD! :angry:
Dozer was trying to avoid the mud, so I made a little bridge for them.

Here they are enjoying a dry spot in the sun.
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Wow! All your snow can melt just like that?! Just a few weeks ago you mountains of it. I wish our snow could melt so fast. :p[/b]

One nice thing, the sooner it melts, the quicker the mud dries. And the sooner the hounds dry. :lol:
All the snow I piled in the garden is going to be there a while, but it is smaller. The hounds just have to stretch there necks to see over the fence now.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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