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My Father had the opinion that females should go thru two seasons.On her third heat she would be mature enough to be bred.
Males by 8 months old should be put to a female,if they don`t learn to breed young they will have dificulty breeding on their own.
Like most kids I have to try things out my own way.I`ve bred a hound on her first season and seen low birthweight pup`s,lost two pup`s because they were just too weak.(Vet checked all the remaining pup`s and Mother ,healthy no worms,Mom`s milk had come in.He concluded it was just a premature birth,Don`t breed them on their first season.I was thinking every other creature on this planet that comes into heat gets bred in the wild.He explained in medical terms what I had been told from my Dad.Give a female a little time to mature.
Then I raised up a Male pup,showed him to friends they confirmed I should keep him.Didn`t start breeding him until he was about 18 months old.He has been the most dificult Male to breed I`ve seen in a lifetime.Any more litters I get from him will be thru insemination.I`ve been told by friends that I should have listened to my Dad and bred him at an earlier age.
How do you feel on this subject?
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