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This comes from the DogMentor list....

Puppy mill - The sole purpose of the puppies is money. Little on no

investment in the care of the dogs on the premisis. No human

interaction. Basically the most money for the least effort.

Puppy Farm - The dogs are treated like livestock. Their primary purpose

is still to provide profit but they are housed in clean conditions and

vetted regularly. Human interaction is minimal. The goal is to make a

living producing a healthy product.

BYB - The dogs are usually housed within the family. The primary

purpose is to recoup the money spent on the family pets and hopefully

provide a little extra spending money. Vet care for the breeding stock

ranges from (ya gotta take a dog to the doctor? to yearly exams to all

genetic health testing)

Hobby breeder - Shows and registers dogs. Vets them, does health checks

but can come up with really good excuses as to why dog 'A' limps. Wants

to win in the show ring. Knows the standard but does not necessarily

study it. Doesn't bother trying to really understand dog behavior (The

dog is not physioctic just shy). Is kennel blind. According to them,

their dogs are the best and anyone buying from them should consider

themselves lucky. Breeds to the latest fad.

Good Hobby breeder - The sole purpose of breeding a litter is to try to

produce better than they currently have. To produce something that they

can show and be proud of. Puppies that don't come up to standard are

sold as pets. A good hobby breeder realizes that the dogs will always

be a money pit. More money will always go in than can be possibly made

selling puppies. A good hobby breeder studies every possible

publication on their breed and studies other standards and watches other

breeds in the ring. Really tries to grasp the concepts of structure and

movement and why dog 'A' wings when it moves. A good hobby breeder goes

to as many of their breed specialties as they can in both Canada and the

US. A good hobby breeder realizes that they must compete in areas away

from their own home area to affirm how their dogs measure up to dogs

around the country.

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Although it's written from a conformation point of view, to me "show" includes the other areas of competition. As long as you're trying to accomplish something, other than simply making money or producing puppies.
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